Kuman, Nyah Kamu!

Tajuk ni sebenarnya tak berapa sesuai dengan entri saya untuk kali ini. Jadi, maaf ye, saya bukan nak kata kamu kuman atau sesiapa kuman. Cuma, saya suka. Saya suka saja peduli apa. Tajuknya, how to forget your ex when everything around you reminds you of your ex. I'm going to share this with you people. This is what i will basically do if i went through a break up.

Not every girl can handle the same thing like i did for myself. I had a hard time to forget about my ex too. Normal, kan? Every song seemed like a painful reminder of him. It didn't stop there, you couldn't bear eat at the same restaurants you and him went to, list of movies you both have watched.

Here are some tips hopefully can help you to forget your ex and move on:

  1. Accept the fact that the relationship is over - You have to face it. You won't be able to move on if you still cling to the possibility of getting back to your ex.
  2. Refrain from relieving moments - You both been there together, most of the times you were together. If there's a special place you went, avoid it.
  3. Get rid of the moments/memories - This is one of the tips you can do, if you have your pictures together, remove it. Keeping your ex photos inside your house or room will make yourself burst into tears. You stick to the pictures and it will reminds you of him. Put it away or throw it away. EASY!
  4. Delete your ex's number - You won't be able to forget your ex if you keep in touch with him. I know this is kinda rude to remove someone's number but she/he is your ex. Avoid contact with your ex, 
  5. Do something makes you happy - Chill out with your family and friends, keep yourself company. You can plan a holiday or short vacation with your friends. Make yourself busy, go swimming, go jogging, go shopping or etc. Kutuk-kutuk session with your girls.

Make it this way, an ex is called an ex because it's an EXample of what you shouldn't have again in the future. If your ex ask to be friends with you after break up is like kidnappers asking to keep in touch after letting you go. It's obvious, tak semua ex kita boleh kekal sebagai kawan. But don't worry, God has plenty of things for you and he already keep the one for you. Percaya dengan qada and qadar. Semua yang berlaku adalah sesuatu yang kita patut jadikan sebagai contoh.

Quote for today, dont really look back at your ex's. Some things just look better in the trash.

Gambar ini untuk tontonan umum. Senyum sikit. 

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yanajacob said...

But still is so hard to do it..
and even worst when it never can forget it..When have something about she/he is same with your family member..