Sepetang Bersama Chemek, Zam and Melur

Sebelum kita tahu apa itu Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is a busy city like Times Square, New York. After a long busy semester, came semester break. Melur, Zam and Chemek apparently. Chemek was my date for that day. They just finish their exams and now they're on semester break. Me? I'm fully break everyday. LOL.

We were walking and usha-usha KL, avoid ourselves from spending our money to those stuff we unsupposed to buy. Sakit kaki wow jalan. But this is what life is! Ada abang polis depan Lot 10, tapi malu nak pergi tangkap gambar dengan mereka. Sebab mereka tengah "menjalankan tugas".

Ini bear Malaysia yang punya. Hasil tangan Imuda.

We called that golden things, kulat. 

I was in New York. This was taken..okay stop.

Tonight before you fall asleep, pray for your family and friends. A smile can hide a lot.

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