SNAP! Bulu.

Bulu ada di mana-mana. Baik yang wanita atau pun yang lelaki. Bulu berbentuk kerinting, straight mengalahkan rebonding. Setiap antara kalian pasti pernah mengalaminya. Jap, kalau post title ni dah menggelikan kalian, jangan baca terus. Okay? Ramai yang tak reti jaga bulu ketiak. Saya sendiri geli tengok lagi-lagi kalau wanita punya.

I've experienced once, while i was in the train on my way to work, there's a lady memang baik punya standing in front of me, then she raised her left hand and i can see armpit hair was terburai and terkeluar. She's not that old, 35 years or something. Please please please, before you leave your house or make yourself for a date, do check your armpit. 5 minutes is enough.

Some people remove their underarm hair for hygienic reasons, while others do it for aesthetic reasons. Whether you choose to remove your underarm hair by waxing, shaving or depilatory cream, take care to protect the delicate skin. But somehow, removing your underarm hair can result an irrittaion, itching and ungrown hairs.

How? Choose your own method. Shaving is the least expensive, faster and least painful method of hair removal, but underarm stubble will be apparent a day or two after shaving.

Waxing? Ouch. It's painful and need at least some exercises to do so. You must get used to it so that you can never feel the pain. I bet y'all hate waxing. Hehehehehehe. Scared to death ha? Before you start, trim you underarm hair for at least half inch. No matter which method you use to remove your underarm hair, make sure you clean your armpit. After you done, don't easily spray deodorant or any scented body spray. This can lead to irritation or rash. Applying unscented talcum powder can help reduce irritation and rash.

The best place to shave your underarm hair is inside toilet or bathroom. Wet your underarm so that the hair is easy to shave and thin. Apply shaving oil, this can also get your hair soften in condition. Shave your underarm hair upwards is a no no. To get smooth skin, shave it downwards.

Me myself, i pluck them all out. Easy and hurt a little. Happy Shaving! Don't forget to shave. :-)

*remember to choose the best shaver. schick your armpit*

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